• Cure for Alzheimer's Disease

    Innovative Biotechnology Company Recombinant Technologies and life sciences research enabler and commercialization expert, Health Connexions, the companies announced today

    This announcement follows successful proof-of-concept studies for Recombinant Technologies' innovative AmyTrap drug candidates, which have been shown in preclinical experiments to trap and clear Alzheimer's disease-causing Aβ-amyloid plaques, thereby restoring memory by restoring the natural balance of beta-amyloid in the body.

    With Alzheimer's disease labelled a "looming epidemic" by governments and health organizations worldwide, Health Connexions CEO and President, Dawn Van Dam, says enabling development of a health solution is the priority for this ground-breaking partnership.

    "A cure for Alzheimer's disease-a debilitating, heartbreaking, and ultimately fatal disease-has yet to be realized; but innovations in medical science, such as Recombinant Technologies' small molecule AmyTrap drug candidates, offer a potential health solution to this growing global, unmet medical need," she said.

    Health Connexions is committed to helping Recombinant Technologies complete studies for Alzheimer's disease drug development. By working hand-in-hand with them to attract investors to fund additional development studies, this one-of-a-kind, promising and proprietary AmyTrap breakthrough technology can be fast-tracked through the development pipeline

    Inventor, Founder and CEO of Recombinant Technologies, Dr. Pazhani Sundaram, whose prior research efforts have produced marketable health products, says the proprietary AmyTrap drug candidates are innovations based on more than twelve years of research.

    "Through a rigorous, peer-reviewed evaluation process by the National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, Recombinant Technologies was previously granted funding to demonstrate the efficacy of its AmyTrap drug candidates in proof-of-concept model experiments",he said. "Based on that success with these retro inverse peptide molecules, which provide a 'trap' for binding and clearing disease-causing beta-amyloid, patent protection was sought and was obtained in 2013 for the AmyTrap technology."

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