• What is AmyTrap

    AmyTrap is a patented molecule composed of a polymer bound short peptides with capacity to capture beta-amyloid (Aβ) peptide. The polymer moiety is conjugated to albumin. Amytrap traps, binds and clears beta amyoid from the circulation and this leads to depletion of amyloid plaques from brain in model mouse. Recombinant Technologies has developed and tested three versions of AmyTraps (AmyTrap 2, AmyTrap 3 and AmyTrap 4) containing distinct small molecule peptides. The basic feature of AmyTrap is shown here.

    We have shown in the Alzheimer's diseases mouse models that subcutaneously injected AmyTrap significantly reduced the Aβ plaque burden in the brain, and improved the cognitive parameters of these mice. Our preliminary studies suggest that AmyTrap does not enter the brain. Undetectable levels of AmyTrap and reduction of the Aβ burden in the brain suggest that the AmyTrap possibly exerts its therapeutic activity by acting as peripheral sink for circulatory Aβ. Based on these observations it has been hypothesized that Aβ exists in equilibrium between the brain and in circulation. Sequestration of the circulatory Aβ in the periphery creates an imbalance in this equilibrium driving efflux of Aβ from the brain into the circulation.